In-Person Lessons

Lessons Rates

All lessons will utilize high speed video (up to 300 frames per second) and 3D doppler radar technology provided by Flightscope. This technology allows you to measure and see accurate swing, club and ball data on every swing you make. All lesson rates are based on a 1 to 1 student teacher ratio. Group rates are available upon request.

Adult Lessons

One Hour- $150
Half Day- $500
Full Day- $900
For information about lessons feel free to contact me at or 904-955-3336

Junior Lessons (Under 18)

One Hour- $100

For information about lessons feel free to contact me at or 904-955-3336

Golf Schools

A golf school will begin by identifying the largest priorities that need to be addressed in the full swing. This usually means 3-5 things. It is certainly not everything that’s wrong or needs improvement but these are the things that will have the largest positive impact on your game. 3-5 things may not sound like a lot but it is a lot to work on. It will realistically take you months to get them where you need to be before you even think about adding any more pieces. The good news is I don’t expect anyone to do them perfectly right away. I expect constant gradual improvement. As long as you are doing them better you will hit better good shots, the bad shots won’t be as bad, and you will have the potential to shoot lower scores. Those 3-5 things will be covered on the first day of the school and primarily in the first 2 hours.

The rest of the full swing work will be discussing how to implement the changes and actually implementing them. We will discuss how to practice, what to practice, how often to practice and the correct mindset to have while practicing. We will spend a lot of time doing “supervised practice”. By that I mean you will be implementing the prescribed changes under my supervision. During this time frame you will make some swing that are very close to/exactly like we want you to make. You will also make swings where you revert back to your old bad habits and some where you create new bad habits (generally due to lack of trust and even if the swing is better it will feel awkward). This in my opinion is the most important part of the school. I will watch and/or film every one of these shots and give feedback on when you did it correctly and when you don’t do it correctly why it was wrong. The point of this is to create awareness. This allows you to gradually be able to tie in what you are feeling while you swing, to a ball flight (whether good or bad), to what you are actually doing in your swing. This is the bulk of the time and the most important part because this is what will allow you to diagnose your bad shots and be able to self correct not only on the range but during the course of a round. You will hit bad shots, you’re human, but you will know why you did it and the direction you need to head to fix it. This is what will allow you to maintain and continue improving the change you make when you leave and don’t have me there to supervise. This is the part that helps tie things together and make them stick.

Some of the supervised practice will be on the course. The point of going on the course is not to keep score but to practice with some consequences. Your swing will revert under pressure. Part of going on the course is to recognize why it reverts and how you can go about making sure it does it as little as possible. Will also cover some course management and short game while on the course.

The bulk of the information, especially on the full swing will be done on the first day. The rest of the time will be short game, strategy, and implementation. If you only want the information and want to practice on your own you are better off with only a half day. Can cover 2 hours of full swing mechanics, some short game mechanics, and possibly a little strategy and discussion about practice and continuing improvement. Information given in a half day school as far as purely mechanical is the same that is generally given in a 8-12 hour school. Its the supervised practice and time on the course that is different which not everyone will value as highly as others.

2 Day School

Includes 2 half days of range/practice area instruction (8 hours total)

8AM to 12PM

One person: $900
Group (2-4): Contact For More Information (divided by number of people in group)

3 Day School

Includes three half day lessons that cover all aspects of the game. Can be done as one full day and one half day as well (2 days rather than 3).

8AM to 12PM

One person: $1200
Group (2-4): Contact For More Information (divided by number of people in group)

For information about lessons feel free to contact me at or 904-955-3336